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Did you ever feel like wanting to find a really exciting job? A job that pays well, which has adventure, gives you new challenges every day, that has room to grow and educate yourself? And on top of that, being free 6 months out of the year? Then Working Offshore on an Oilrig is the job you're looking for.

If you're prepared to go where there is work, and to work as good and as hard as you can. If you're a thrill seeker, if you want variety at work and in your daily life. With the possibility to work and travel Internationally... Then say goodbye to traffic jams, say farewell to your 9 to 5 job at a dusty office, the same routine day in day out, and say goodbye to that 6 week holiday vacation every year. Because Working Offshore... Is your new Challenge!

To start off, you will go to work in a taxi, and not just some taxi. No, your employer will have you picked up by a helicopter which flies you off to the Rig. And when you're working Internationally, then your flight from your home town to anywhere in the world will be arranged for you. Once at the jobsite it's your job to do what you're good at, working 14 up to 28 days in a row, 12 hours or more every day.

You will enjoy 4 meals a day, prepared by the best cooks and catering companies present onboard. Eat whatever you want, and as much as you want, because you will need the energy while you're on the job. Working on a rig is hard, with loads of responsibilities, dangerous conditions surrounding you, and feeling stress every day. And don't you dare drift off or slowing down, cuz every minute a Rig is delayed for whatever reason will cost into the millions.

At the Rig you will enjoy (added to your super exiting job and high pay) DVD movies, Internet access, digital television via satellite, Sports & Fitness facilities, sauna, jacuzzie, biljarts and pingpong tables. Popcorn and movies start after each and every 12 hour shift! (12 hour shift is called a "Tower").

You're onboard with lots of people, with many backgrounds and cultures. You have the ability to educate yourself and learn new skills (cross training) which will help you grow and climb up the ladder. You will be working with the best equipment, tools and systems onboard. As an Offshore Worker, you will never be short of anything.

Your accommodation may vary, as will your salary. This will differ from company to company, from location to location, and from one Rig to the other. But one thing is for sure: The Costs! Because it won't cost you anything. Your accommodation is free, as are all the facilities onboard and of course the meals you enjoy are free of charge.

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Eating and drinking, residency, rest and relaxation are all things which are provided by your employer. And it doesn't really matter if you end up on a brand new rig, or at an old rust bucket. The only thing that counts is you're getting more experience. Because more experience is what you take with you to a new project at a new location, which will provide better jobs and a higher income.

You might come on board as a "worm" (green hand or roustabout) and climb up to being a welder, crane operator, engineer or driller. You might even end up as a rig superintendent, or senior officer while having responsibilities to lead a team of workers. Working offshore makes this all possible, just as long as you commit to it.

Please do note the consequences of your own actions and always be responsible. You will be checked regularly for the use of drugs, excessive drinking of alcohol, if you have a criminal background, your health and employment history. Mess up once, and your career in the offshore business might be over for good. Don't lie, don't cheat, listen to your superiors, learn, experience, climb higher up the ladder: That's the only road to success!

Looking at your fellow employees you will find people aged from 20 up to 60 years old. Young ones might be a superior officer, while an old timer still has a job as a derrick hand. You will find out soon enough what job or position suits you best. And your age, is just depending on how old you feel. Most jobs on an Offshore Oilrig contain heavy lifting and the need for physical strength. Working 12 hours a day, in rain and shine for a minimum of 7 days in a row. Your age and body will tell you if you're up for it.

Depending on your work location, it could be:

  Not to hot, not to cold, with a mild breeze and some clouds floating by
  Days on end hot as hell and not a single breath of fresh air
  24/7 rain, ice cold temperatures and heavy storms
  And that's just the weather..!

One thing is for sure: Working Offshore... You either love it or you hate it! The upside of this is that you will find out real fast once you're stationed at a Rig. Most people going to work offshore love it from day 1, because no other job in the world can compete. If you have the right attitude, if you can see the humor of it all, aren't afraid of some dirty, heavy and demanding work, and if you're flexible... then this could be the job that fits you. But if you love being at home every night, laying on the couch in front of the TV, if seeing someone else work hard makes you feel tired, and if you like being in bed early and sleeping in late… then you might wanna reconsider.

Looking for an Entry Level Position in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry:

If you're currently working a dead-end job without the ability to get ahead and you're motivated to find a job offshore, then you probably want to start as soon as possible. But sometimes, even if you try real hard, you just can't land that job you desire. With any application you get the same answer "Sorry, but you have no experience". Even if you're the best welder, painter or scaffolder there is, even if you are extremely motivated to start at the bottom as roustabout or green hand, if you want to commit, work hard and give it all you got: You still get a "No" as an answer. Then what can you do to turn your luck around?

There are multiple ways to get into the Offshore Industry. The easiest way is to be introduced by a friend, family member or a relative. Being introduced by someone who is already in the Industry really has it's advantages. All you have to do is not to harm that relationship by letting him or her down at a later stage by messing up your work or by not doing your job. If you mess up, you will inevitably also hurt their reputation.

Another possibility is to apply for jobs at companies that work Onshore. Yes, you may not have known, but Oil and Gas is also being extracted and produced on Land rigs. And they have the same job positions like roustabout, roughneck, welders and so on. Positions Onshore, are equal to the positions Offshore. If you get experience at an Onshore oilfield or gas extraction company, it's much easier to move from a Land rig to an Offshore rig. And when you're working via a recruiter, they might be able (and have the connections) to help you make that step. Once you're in – you're in!

A third option is to start out as a rookie at an Oil Refinery. For some this line of work has less possibilities because the job positions here, are not the same as at an On- or Offshore Rig. An Oil Refinery has no use for a scaffolder, driller or a derrick hand etc. These jobs can only be found at Rigs. But getting in at an Oil Refinery at entry level (closing barrels, welder, forklift driver etc) and getting enough experience might help you to work for the same oil refineries at offshore locations. Since you're already an employee, you can apply to jobs as an insider with experience, instead of being an outsider with no experience at all.

Last option might be to start working at an inspection company. Think of companies like SGS or Inspectorate, they can hire you as a Surveyor Trainee. Your job as a Surveyor is to take samples from oil and chemicals onboard of Ships (oil tankers, gas ships and/or chemical tankers), Trucks, Trains, Shoretanks and at Oil Refineries. Getting experience here, and getting to meet people on Oil Tankers or Shoretank Terminals might help you end up Offshore.

Wanting to work Offshore creates opportunities, and by keeping your eyes open you will get closer to that desired job: a position Offshore. We have given you all the information and details at this website to what it entails actually Working Offshore, which positions there are, what current vacancies there are nowadays, what paycheck you may expect and what you can do to get to work in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Now it's up to you... what are you going to do with it?

[+] Whatever you decide, we wish you a lot of luck. Get a job Offshore

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